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Frequently Asked Questions

Search our inventory and parts interchange at

Our inventory and part interchanger will only identify if we have a compatible vehicle(s) in the yard; vehicle parts are not inventoried.

Here’s our current price list.    You are also welcome to call and and we’d be happy to give you the latest parts pricing.

We gather every morning to evaluate the market conditions and pricing to ensure we always give the best rate. The best way to get an accurate quote is to send us a photo and description here: Get a Quote

1000 Cars, Trucks, Classics PLUS LawnMowers, UTV/ATV, Motorcycles, Golf Carts, Tractors.   Inventory rotates daily with each vehicle on the lot for about 90 days.

We do not sell whole cars.   We recycle End of Life Vehicles (ELV) after you pull  ya’ part.

It depends. We break that down into two pricing categories.   1) Whole car, even if wrecked but still has all of its parts:  battery, wheels, catalytic converter, motor, transmission,  etc 2) Incomplete car.
Market prices change daily but send us the info here and we’ll give you an estimate.

We do not sell airbags or steeringwheels with airbags.

Vehicles that are 12 yrs old or newer REQUIRE a title.

All vehicles without a title are run through the DMV database to ensure it is not reported as stolen.

We have most common tools that our customers ask for.

We pick up cars for free within a 20 mile radius.

21-25 miles we charge a $50 pick up fee.

Beyond 25 miles, and fleet retirement, give us a call.

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