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We buy End-of-Life Vehicles

We Do Auto Recycling RIGHT.

Free Pick Up

We Buy Cars with Free Pick Up

We pick up your car for no charge in a 20 mile radius of either of our Greenwood, SC facilities. Start by giving us a call or fill out the vehicle recycling form. You will need to come down to the office off Bypass 25 to complete the paperwork and collect your payment.

We buy End-of-Life (ELV) Vehicles and Handle Fleet Retirement Recycling.

Individuals who want to recycle their end-of-life vehicle for best price or companies who require the highest levels of service and reliability for retiring fleets responsibly through recycling will get the best experience at C&C Metal Recycling & C&C Pick A Part.

ELVs contain hazardous materials that can damage the environment and pose a risk to public health if not disposed of safely. You don’t need to do anything to your ELV, send it to us as it sits and we will handle recycling every part of cars responsibly – even the fluids and batteries.  We recycle autos thoughtfully.

We responsibly manage the entire recycling process and even make our cars available at a pick a part yard for used OEM parts before we send it to shred.

Here’s how the ELV recycling process works

  1. Bring in your ELV to either of our processing centers at 25 ByPass or WingertRoad.
  2. We will pick up single vehicles in a 20 mile radius. Start here for a Quote.
  3. We process through SecuRecycle and manage all documentation and legal requirements to the letter.
  4. We pay you top-dollar.
  5. We process the car fluids, batteries, etc.
  6. The car is further processed separating every part of recyclables.
  1. The car is shredded and separated into small pieces.
  2. The shredded pieces are sorted into various metals.
  3. Lightweight parts, such as plastics, are removed along a conveyor belt and removed under a vacuum.
  4. The metal remains and is separated into ferrous and non-ferrous metals via a magnet.
  5. The metal content is recovered for recycling and sent intermodal to the best mill or processing.
  6. Your ELV becomes something else, saving our natural resources. Thanks for choosing recycling.

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